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Final Results of 2017-2018 Winter League Season


High Over All Winner: David Gist (369)
  Runner Up: Doug Morgan (362)
High Handicap Winner: Vincent Silhan (175)
Runner Up decided by default. Runner Up: Donald Weinreich (172)
High 16s Winner: Jeff McAlister (191) (43)
Winner & Runner Up decided by 9/10 Runner Up: John Baum (191) (41)
25-27 Yards Winner: Dave Feaga (353)
  Runner Up: Ron Hooper  (350)
22-24 Yards Winner: Rick Brown, Jr (357)
  Runner Up: Joe Whitcomb (353)
20-21 Yards Winner: Steve Amoss (343)
  Runner Up: Dan Still (342)
18-19 Yards Winner: Michael Kerr (348)
  Runner Up: Paul Masters (344)
Senior Vet Winner: Frank Zupancic (338)
No Prize Runner Up: Steve Hawkins (336)
Vet Winner: Don Wahl  (327)
No Prize Runner Up: Walt Savage (321) & Leroy Wagner (321)
Lady Winner: N/A
No Prize Runner Up:  
Junior Winner: Henry Brunnett  (296)
No Prize Runner Up: Rachael Wicklein (167)


Many Thanks to All who came out and Shoot with us this Winter Season!!!